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Hi boujee ladies, welcome... how does this all work, right? S I M P L ICITY at it's best is the experience we provide to our clients.

It's more than just re- installing extensions, with Violetz all of our extension artists are Certified IBE Artists and completed their training with IBE.

COLOR matching and installing is the perfect Combo trust us when we explain that not coloring your natural hair upon install or reinstall will be doing yourself a huge disservice. YOU want your extensions to blend seamlessly and flawlessly, correct? Yes and so do we, our clients are our walking advertisement.

Why because your current colorist is not trained in advanced custom coloring techniques nor are they specialized in. Coloring extensions and coloring wefts require a highly skilled level to achieve the most gradient fluid looking end results ( AKA NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL) clients need an extension and color artist with extensive training, after all, this is a luxury service that we custom create every step of the way from root to tip.

Yes, we can color clients hair in between reinstalls and at their reinstall appointments. We require clients come in once a month for a toner refresh and deep conditioning treatment and invest in exclusive extension products to maintain the overall investment. Extensions are not a one and done, they are an on going investment. Are you ready to commit and invest into yourself. Yes, it's the best investment you'll ever make. People always notice pretty hair and thin mousy looking drab hair, lol don't be her, you deserve better. Right!???

Without proper color knowledge your extensions will look like very inexpensive clip ins

Re-installs must be every 6-10 weeks any time frame longer than 10 weeks will require additional time during the removal and reinstall process, along with a time-lapse fee of $75

We will not continue to preform services on clients who choose to get their color at other salons or use a stylists outside of Violetz. We also do not guarantee or are held liable nor responsible to what may occur to clients receiving services outside of Violetz Salon.

Welcome to the home of Hand Tied Luxury Elite Extensions specializing

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