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Caring for your hair extensions

Updated: Aug 16

Masque, Oil + a leave in conditioner will be your holy grail

Leave 80% of your conditioner in

Brush before you shower and 2X per day

Oil 2x per day


Sunscreen avoid all sunscreen that is chemical use mineral we recommend Goldie Locks Sunscreen

Sleep on a satin pillow case DO NOT fall asleep with wet hair

Apply Iles Formula Serum + Kevin Murphy + Un.tangled leave in conditioner in hair when wet

Use a dry leave in conditioner on meds and ends

Avoid Olaplex or any products that say repair or contain keratin , avoid Monet and beauty counter , avoid any products not professionally recommended by your extension artist

Swim or beach we do not recommend getting extension hair wet please use a leave in spray and wear in a loose braid before swim

At beach the salt in the air can dry out hair , please use a leave in condition spray and oil before you beach

Hydration is the name of the game we carry all Kevin Murphy, Illes Formula

Goldie Locks High End hair care products to maintain their gorgeous investment.

Shampoo 1-2 times per week

Don't forget your ILES Formula M A S Q U E weekly

Kevin Murphy Hydrate , Young Again or Smooth Masque are crowd favs

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