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Maintenance + Pricing

Updated: Jun 24

Maintenance with IBE ?

Reinstalls happen after the initial install

and are very important for the continued health of your scalp and hair

we recommend moving up your rows every 6-9 weeks 10 weeks max nothing longer

Installs Include all color cutting extension shaping pictures install fee hair extensions shampoo styling

Mega Coloring Transformations, fashion color or multiple blonding sessions are not part of the initial install flat rate pricing these are considered to be mega color transformations taking a lot of time and require session work therefor, these rates are priced differently and will be a separate charge starting at $265 and up.

Cuts/trims/shaping are the same pricing and are required at every reinstall appointment

All color starts at $150 on the low-end and up ranging up to $750

Extension Consultations $25

Color Consultations $25

Extensions Shaping $100

Install 18-20 inches $$$

1 Row 1350-1650

2 Row 1850-2000

Install 22-24 inches $$$

1 Row 2100-2600

2 Row 2500-3000

3 Row 3200-4000

Install 26-30 inches $$$

1 Row 2550-3500

2 Row 3800-4500

3 Row 4650-5500

Reinstalls 1 row 150

Reinstall 2 Rows 300

Reinstall 3 Rows 400

Keep in mind this pricing is only an estimate and not final, to get a more accurate quote and know what to expect moving forward the best thing to do is to book a consultation.

xoxoxo, Violetz Salon Team

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